• Creating a square covered with green grass and sports facilities in your town.
  • Establish a sports club where you can enjoy any sport you want to play.
  • “Watch”, “Do” and “Participate”. To expand the circle of communication between people of all generations through sports.

A rich sports culture can only be nurtured when there is an environment where everyone can enjoy sports in a casual manner. For this to happen, we need places in our living areas where people can enjoy sports. In there, squares covered with green grass, arenas and clubhouses. Everyone can enjoy the sport of their choice, with excellent coaches, according to age, strength, skill and purpose. Each person has his or her own way of enjoying sports, whether it’s “Do”, “Watch” or “Support”.



Since its establishment in 1993, the J.LEAGUE has been working on the promotion of sports under the slogan “J.LEAGUE 100 YEAR VISION 〜To more happiness country with sports.〜” with the aim of becoming a prosperous country where men and women of all ages can enjoy all kinds of sports through football.
J.LEAGUE has adopted the catchphrase “DO! ALL SPORTS” to convey “J.LEAGUE 100 YEAR VISION” to as many people as possible in an easy-to-understand manner, expressing people’s various involvement in sports. We aim to foster a rich sports culture by promoting involvement in sports in our daily lives, not only by playing sports (Play Sports) but also by watching, talking about and cheering for sports.