Name and Logo

About the J.League Name & Logo

  • Japanese League Name:日本プロサッカーリーグ
  • Nickname:J.League

While the word ‘soccer’ is used to describe the game in Japanese, the J.League and JFA use ‘football’ in their English-language material in order to better co-exist with the international community.
The league’s nickname, which takes the ‘J’ from ‘Japan’ to form J.League, is an easier and more familiar way of referring to the league.

About the J.League Logo

The J.League’s logo is modelled after the shape of the letter J. The red dot in the center of the logo represents the Rising Sun, the symbol of Japan. The logo was designed by Takuya Onuki (born 1958 in Tokyo, graduate of Tama Art University), winner of the Mainichi Advertising Design Grand Prize, the Yomuri Advertising Prize Grand Prix, and other awards.