Academy Evaluation Project

Academy Evaluation System and Academy Standards

In order to achieve “2030 Football Vision”, J.LEAGUE academy needs to systematically create a system to develop world-class players. So what kind of system should J.LEAGUE academy have in place to achieve this goal?

J.LEAGUE has come up with 23 unique standards that it would like to achieve as J.LEAGUE academy, in line with the Japanese culture and football environment. Each of these 23 “evaluation standards” has four different levels (ranging from 1 to 4 stars) based on the quality.

Each academy chooses which star to aim for and registers with J.LEAGUE according to the ideas and plans of each club, ranging from a 1-star academy with a system that can develop its own professional football players to a 4-star academy with a system that can lead the world in player development. “J.LEAGUE Academy Evaluation System” is a system to check and certify in detail which stage (1 star to 4 stars) each academy has reached.

J.LEAGUE’s “Academy Support Manager (ASM)” supports the registration of stars by each academy and each academy’s efforts to achieve the stars.