Academy Workforce Development Project
– Developing People as a Club –

Workforce Required for the Academy

For the achievement “2030 Football Vision”, in order to create a world-leading J.LEAGUE academy, we need players, coaches and staff who can play on the world stage. As it is widely known that “better coaches developing better players,” the J.LEAGUE expects and supports the development of not only players but also coaches and staff.

Especially in the modern academies, it is essential to have workforce who can develop coaches and staff within the club who can nurture players who can play in the world. In addition, there is also a need for a resnponsible person who is in charge of creating an academy where coaches and staff can work with vigor and enthusiasm in their respective areas of expertise.

JHoC, JAM, and JHoE

Project DNA offers three courses for the workforce development. One is “J.LEAGUE Heads of Coaching Courses (JHoC)” which is designed to develop football leaders in the academy, another is “J.LEAGUE Academy Management Courses (JAM)” which is designed to develop leaders for all aspects of the academy operations, the third is “J.LEAGUE Heads of Education Courses (JHoE)”, which is designed to develop leaders in all aspects of education from the academy to the first team. JHoE is closely work in conjenction with “Academy Education Project”.

JHoC, JAM, and JHoE participants, who have been approved by their own clubs for registration, attend newly designed courses fits for Japan that is consisted of world class best practices in Europe and the practical examples over the history in the J.LEAGUE, in order to become leaders in developing players within their academies or leaders who have a deep understanding of developing world-class players. The couse is delivered through not only lectures, group work and presentations of assignments, but also on-the-pitch sessions. The courses requires approximately 18 months for the JHoC and 12 months for the JAM and JHoE.
Those who have completed the course continue to contribute developing world-class players, coaches, and staff at their respective clubs, as well as create world-class academies.