Academy Support Project

Tools to Support Academies

In order to achieve “2030 Football Vision”, the J.LEAGUE academies need to create a system to systematically develop world-class players. J.LEAGUE provides the tools to support each academy to maximize their ability to nurture players in planning and practicing the best possible way for each individual player to become a professional.

One of the tools is “Academy Performance Plan (APP)”. The various activities (performances) that take place in an academy and their plans are called performance plans. The academy performance plan allows each academy to create its action plan defining what, how, who and by when to do or review based on its own long, medium, and short term goals, and manage its progress.

Another tool is “Individual Development Plan (IDP)”. The concept of the IDP is similar to the performance plan. In order to achieve the long, medium and short term goals of each player, coach or staff member, they develop thier own an action plan defining what, how, with whom and by when to do or review based on their own ideas, with the support of a mentor (a internal/external person who works with them on the IDP and review it on a regualr basis. IDP is an indispensable tool for players, coaches, and staff to achieve their individual goals toward reaching the world class standards.

Role of the Academy Support Manager

As a representative of J.LEAGUE, “Academy Support Manager (ASM)” is responsible for building a strong relationship between J.LEAGUE and each academy to support each academy in meeting its goals. With a wealth of experience in academy management and player development, ASM provides a nessesary support to each academy as they progress through their Academy Performance Plan to ensure that their player development system is up to world-class standards.

ASM acts as an invaluable link between J.LEAGUE and the academies, providing a wide and deep range of supports, from technical football support for player development to operational support for explaining the action plans (what to do and how to do it) that other projects expect the academies towards achieving “2030 Football Vision”, and is closely and extensively involved with each academy.