What do you know about Anti-Doping?

What is doping?
Why is it wrong to doping?
What are the consequences of doping?

Being knowledgeable about Anti-Doping and having a high level of awareness on a daily basis is important in order to be a top-notch athlete.
We hope that you will learn the importance of being knowledgeable about Anti-Doping and that you will become a top-notch athlete.

What is Doping?

To enhance one’s athletic ability through illicit means other than one’s own.

What would an athlete do in order to win or achieve a record?
I’m sure they train hard every day and take care of their bodies on a daily basis.

But what if there was an easier way to get a better body as an athlete other than working hard on your own?
For example, you might be able to run faster or play better for longer periods of time by taking special drugs or getting injections.
Resorting to such illicit means other than one’s natural ability and hiding it is “Doping”.

Besides taking medication, the way you treat an injury or illness can also be doping.
Various sporting events such as J.LEAGUE, FIFA World Cup, and Olympic Games conduct “Doping Tests” to prevent athletes from doping and to detect athletes who are doping.

Hiding the fact that you are doping through testing is also doping.

Why shouldn’t We Doping?

Lowering the value of sports, not just football

Respect for the rules, respect for one’s friends, and endless efforts to become stronger and better.

Sports have a great power to move people’s hearts.

But what would happen if sports were played with illicit power?

Doping diminishes the value of sports and undermines the important power of sports.

Compromise the health of the athlete.

Using drugs that should not be used can cause side effects and aftereffects that can make you sick or even kill you.

In order to protect the health of athletes, doping should never be done.

It’s unfair.

Sports, not just football, are about competing to win or lose to the best of one’s ability based on the rules.

That’s why they inspire us and give us dreams.

Doping is an unfair act that goes against the spirit of fair play and denies the value of the existence of sports.

Drug Violation is a “Social Evil”

There are problems in our society such as misuse of drugs and drug contamination by drugs and other substances.

Football players are admired by children and youth.

What would be the impact on society if such players were to resort to drugs?

In order to eliminate such problems, football players must confront the drug problem on their own and become a role model to create a better society.

If You Do Doping

If you do doping, you can’t play football!

  • In a professional league overseas, a player who refused to take a doping test was suspended for eight months.
    It is the duty of every player to take a doping test, and it is a sign of fair play. The refusal to take a doping test cost the player a season.
  • During the FIFA World Cup, a doping test revealed a banned substance in a world-famous athlete.
    The player was banned from the tournament, disappointing his fans who were looking forward to his performance and saddening his loved ones around the world.
    It was one of the saddest incidents that shocked not only football fans but people all over the world.

As you can see, doping not only makes it impossible to play football, it also makes football fans and many others sad.

To Avoid Doping

There are drugs that are subject to doping

The main doping violation is the use of “Drugs that should not be used”.
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has determined a list of drugs that should not be used, such as drugs that increase muscle strength, drugs that make the body less tired, and drugs that increase concentration.
The list of drugs that should not be used includes drugs sold at pharmacies and drugs prescribed at hospitals.Not only medicines to be taken, but also ointments and eye drops may contain ingredients that should not be used.
Even if you do not intend to dope, you may end up using medicines that you should not use to treat a cold or injury.

Watch out for supplements!

Some of the ingredients of drugs that should not be used are found in supplements such as vitamins and drinks.
Doping tests can find ingredients of drugs that should not be used in supplements, even after you have taken them as nutritional supplements, thinking that they are safe because they are not drugs.
If you take drugs or supplements simply because you have a cold or are tired, you may be doping.

You can be doping without even knowing it…

Even if you think you are careful not to dope, you may find yourself taking drugs that you should not be using…
And if someone is secretly mixing drugs with you to make it look like you’re doping…
We need to be very careful about what we eat on a daily basis to avoid doping.

Everything is your responsibility.

If the medication you used for treatment or the supplements your friend gave you were determined to be doping, that is your responsibility for taking the medication or supplements.
If the treatment you received for an injury or illness is determined to be doping, that is your responsibility, as you received the treatment.

If you are found to have committed an offense, it is undoubtedly you who will be subject to punishment.
You can’t just say, “I didn’t know about it.”

If You Are Injured or Become Ill

Always consult with your team doctor or a doctor with expertise

WADA’s “Prohibited List” lists many drugs and actions that should not be used. If you get injured or sick, be sure to consult with your team doctor or a doctor with specialized knowledge to get treatment that will not lead to doping. When taking medication, always check with your team doctor or a specialist to make sure that it is not a “prohibited drug”.

If you have to use a medication that you are not allowed to use

“In such cases, you will need to apply for a TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) and get approval to use it for therapeutic purposes.
When treating an injury or illness, consult with your doctor not only about the medicine and treatment method, but also about the TUE application.

To Be a Top-Notch Athlete

Being knowledgeable about anti-doping is as necessary for a top-notch athlete as it is for a good one.
No matter how good you are at football or how well you perform in a game, that does not make you a professional football player.

This is just a small part of what you need to know about anti-doping.
In order to be a top-notch player, you need to be knowledgeable on a regular basis, and take great care and effort to avoid doping.

Professional football players are the ones who give dreams and excitement to the fans and supporters of their teams, and they are the ones that children long for.
To be a professional football player, and above all, to act as a member of society, there are certain knowledge that you need to acquire.
Learning about doping and striving to be an excellent athlete on a daily basis is the first step to becoming a top-notch athlete.

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