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J.LEAGUE NEWS Special Edition “The Future of the Stadium”

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UEFA Guide: Guide to Quality Stadiums

The Japanese version of “”UEFA Guide to Quality Stadiums””, an official publication compiled by UEFA on stadium construction know-how, was published in July 2016 as a joint production of the JFA and the J.LEAGUE. The total number of pages is 160. It has been published so far in six languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Italian), and Japanese is the seventh language.

The book describes the process of a stadium construction project in chronological order, with concise recommendations and notes on a wide range of issues, from organizing a project team and selecting a developer, evaluating design proposals, solving regulatory, financial and technical problems, understanding all stadium facilities, and managing the project from contractor selection to opening. It also includes case studies of various stadiums. Case studies of European stadium construction of various sizes are also presented.