Our Mission

Organization Overview

Activity Policy

  1. We will provide dreams and enjoyment to the people of the region by playing fair and attractive games.
  2. With the understanding and cooperation of the local government, fans and supporters, we will establish a safe and comfortable stadium environment that we can be proud of.
  3. In order to make J.Club more accessible to the community, we will open our club facilities to the public and create opportunities for players and coaches to interact with the community.
  4. We will promote futsal while building a system that allows families and communities to enjoy it easily.
  5. In addition to football, we will create many opportunities to join in other sports.
  6. We will create a system of sports that people with disabilities can enjoy together.


Under the bylaws of the Japan Professional Football League, the J.League operates under the jurisdiction of the Japan Football Association (JFA) in order to improve the level of Japanese football, increase its diffusion in Japan, and promote a rich sporting culture that benefits the mind and body of the nation’s populace, in addition to encouraging exchange and friendship within the international community.


A rich sports culture can only be nurtured when there is an environment where everyone can enjoy sports in a casual manner. For this to happen, we need places in our living areas where people can enjoy sports. In there, squares covered with green grass, arenas and clubhouses. Everyone can enjoy the sport of their choice, with excellent coaches, according to age, strength, skill and purpose. Each person has his or her own way of enjoying sports, whether it's "Do", "Watch" and "Support".

Business Operations

  1. Organizing and official record-keeping of professional football matches
  2. Enacting and enforcing the rules of professional football
  3. Overseeing the development, certification, and registration of professional football players, coaches, and referees
  4. Inspecting and authorizing the facilities and equipment used for professional football
  5. Promoting professional football through broadcasts and other public relations
  6. Conducting research, investigations, and guidance regarding football and football technique
  7. Overseeing welfare programs for professional football players, coaches, and staff
  8. Implementing international exchange and business operations related to football
  9. Supporting the promotion of sports, including football
  10. Training and utilization of management personnel of sports, including football
  11. Temporary loans to maintain club operations for the purpose of stable hosting of professional football matches.
  12. Production and utilization of images and other materials of sports, including football
  13. Planning, production and sales of products of sports, including football
  14. Other operations related to the completion of the J.League’s goals

About the J.League Name & Logo

Japanese League Name 日本プロサッカーリーグ
Nickname J.League
邦While the word ‘soccer’ is used to describe the game in Japanese, the J.League and JFA use ‘football’ in their English-language material in order to better co-exist with the international community.
The league’s nickname, which takes the ‘J’ from ‘Japan’ to form J.League, is an easier and more familiar way of referring to the league.

About the J.League Logo
The J.League’s logo is modelled after the shape of the letter J. The red dot in the center of the logo represents the Rising Sun, the symbol of Japan. The logo was designed by Takuya Onuki (born 1958 in Tokyo, graduate of Tama Art University), winner of the Mainichi Advertising Design Grand Prize, the Yomuri Advertising Prize Grand Prix, and other awards.

Our Place in the Football Family


J.LEAGUE Organization Overview

Official Name Japan Professional Football League
Abbreviated Name J.LEAGUE
Address 〒8F Meiji Yasuda Seimei Building, 2-1-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Established November 1, 1991
Chairman Yoshikazu Nonomura